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Dave and I are currently reading and discussing Craig Groeschel’s Dangerous Prayers.  This is truly an amazing book study for anyone who wants to dive deeper into your prayer life.  Craig focuses on taking you deeper in your prayer life with three life-altering prayers: Search me, Break me, and Send me.

Now you are probably wondering why I’m sharing this with you, so here is the connection.  The NITD Secretariat board has four positions up for election at the NITD annual business meeting/spring Secuela.  We pray that God will search, break, and send you if He is leading you to serve on the Secretariat Board. May God allow you to be bold to either express interest in the positions or say yes if asked to be on the ballot for the position.



As Secretary of NITD Secretariat, the main duties include taking minutes, sending the minutes out to the group, and preparing agendas for the monthly meetings.  Other duties include sending out any cards needed to the Community, as well as preparing for Tres Dias International's annual census. A person wanting to run for this position should be organized, have good knowledge of Word and Excel, and be prepared to work closely with the Lay Director. 

If you have further questions, or are interested in filling this position, feel free to contact Lisa Dyer at


Weekend Chair

Do you enjoy being a part of Tres Dias Weekends? How about getting better insights as to how the weekend is run? If so, we have just the position for YOU! The Weekend Chair position entails keeping all supplies needed for the trainings and weekends organized and stocked. In addition, it involves load up of the trailer, set up, and tear down after the weekends. Communication between the host facility - Bishop Lane - is important to make sure the site is aware of special room assignments that may be needed and that things are in working order. Communication between the Weekend Chair and team heads is also necessary so any supplies that are specifically needed or are running low are taken care of.  It is NOT a difficult position, and draws you closer to all members of the teams! You will be blessed!

If you seek more information or God is calling you for this position please contact Tim and Karen Cech at



NITD’s Palanca Chair manages the community’s prayer chain and gathers international palanca letters from Tres Dias communities. They communicate community prayer requests, palanca opportunities, team and candidate lists for the upcoming weekends, and encourage members to provide palanca. 

As the weekends' approach, the couple/or person in this position gathers signups for the prayer scroll and creates the physical scroll for the weekend. Remember how special it was when you saw that you were prayed over the entire time? That was all coordinated by the Palanca Chair.   If you enjoy encouraging and building others up, then this position is for you!  

If you seek more information or God is calling you for this position please contact Robert and Heather Sandlin at


Technology Chair

The person or couple in this position would be in charge of any technological needs on the Tres Dias trainings, weekends, clausuras, and secuelas for a three year term.  This would include setting up and taking down all sound, video and technology equipment for both the men’s and women’s weekends. If this person cannot be there themselves, they will arrange for someone to be there in their place. The technology chair should help create and maintain an instructional manual for the set-up, tear down, and general functionality of all NITD sound, video and technology equipment, as well as, maintain all NITD sound, video and tech equipment, sending in equipment for repair and/or update when necessary (pending approval from the NITD Secretariat board).  Finally, the technology chair would create and maintain NITD record keeping spreadsheets and oversee tech needs of other secretariat members. If you have further questions, or are interested in filling this position, feel free to contact Kyle Kissack at

We pray that you will listen closely to God and be bold.
Dave and Jolene Bresson
NITD Communication Chair

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